AOIBANA is Asayama Orimono’s original brand of mainly small items.


The teddy bear, made of Nishijin-ori obi fabric, delivers a soft fragrance.
The fabric of the teddy bear is woven with pearl foil, a representative work of ASAYAMA.
The appearance is also cute, and the sole and ears have been produced with attention to design and coloration.
In addition, with the desire to transmit the charm of Kyoto, sticking to the made in KYOTO All of our products are manufactured in Kyoto.
It can be used not only as an interior It can also be used as a room fragrance.



You can enjoy the relaxing scent of cypress.
It also has an excellent antibacterial
and deodorizing effect.
It is a familiar scent that Japanese
people are familiar with.


It has an excellent relaxing effect on the body and mind,
and is also expected to boost the immune system.
It has a soft fragrance with a floral sweetness and herbal freshness.

How about a gift for a birthday,
wedding, birth, or special occasion?
Name embroidery is also available.